The Serpent Tree


The Serpent Tree explores fragility and femininity and its relation to the concept of eternity through ceramics, connecting my artwork made in a post-modern context to the rich and ancient history of clay. Drawing inspiration from nature as well as art history, this series of sculptures links my current life with a visual history from the past. The idea for this body of work comes from the story of the Garden of Eden and investigates the frailty of the body and the fallibility of man. Referencing nature as well as the body, these sculptures are about birth, growth and temptation. At first glance, the forms seem to be living and innocent, but upon closer inspection they can appear slightly sinister and suggestive. It is this play between innocence and experience that forms the basis of my work. Follow the links below to see works from this series.


Matchless 2013-014


Primoris Ortus 2011-2012


The Serpent Tree (Berlin) 2010


The Serpent Tree 2009


Interminable Engagement 2007-2008


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